The Solution:

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide (NO) is a naturally produced gas molecule which plays a critical role in physiological and pathological processes in the body.

NO exhibits beneficial characteristics including broad antimicrobial activity (bacteria, viruses, fungi), mucolytic, vasodiator, bronchodilator and an immunomodulator..

Nitrosylites exhibit characteristics including broad microbial anti-infective activity among bacteria, viruses with mucolytic, vasodilatory, bronchodilatory and immunological effects.

Some facts about NO:

  • Anti microbial - Can eradicate viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites
  • Vasodilator - increases blood flow
  • Approved drug - to treat newborn infants with "blue baby syndrome."
  • Naturally produced in our body as part of the innate immune system
  • Safe - brakes down easily & quickly in the body
  • Not likely to develop resistance
  • Suggested as a new class of antimicrobials - Nitrosylite

Molecular sctructure of Nitric Oxide (NO)