Bovicor engages in research and development activities that harness nitrosylites as a drug technology platform, combining both scientific advances and medical device engineering for greater defensibility.

Our first nitrosylite is NORS™ - a nitric oxide releasing solution.

We are currently working on numerous product developments, such as:

  • BRD - NORS™ as a nasal spray to augment or partially replace antibiotic in the prevention bovine respiratory disease.
  • Mastitis/Metritis - NORS™ as an intramammary infusion to treat Mastitis
  • Digital Dermatitis - NORS™ as a topical spray or gel to treat foot lesions
  • Inflammatory Airway Disease in equine - NORS™ as a topical nasal
  • Food Processing - NORS™ as disinfectant in any animal processing in the food industry (including carcass wash in poultry and beef processing).