Welcome to Bovicor

Bovicor Pharmatech Inc. (Bovicor) is a privately owned Canadian Corporation (est. 2012) based in Vancouver, Canada.

Bovicor is a clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company based on harnessing the cell's first line of defense (nitric oxide) to be used as a novel class of protein nitrosylating antimicrobial and immunological drugs.

The company has formulated a nitric oxide releasing solution platform technology (NORS™) and aims to transform the prophylactic and therapeutic markets within food producing animals. Bovicor hopes to contribute to society by helping reduce the amount of non-essential antibiotics used in the animal health industry and ensuring the health of the animals without impacting economics of the industry.

Bovicor's successful business model focuses on developing single-asset indications (disease fields) through Phase II clinical trials and then partnering with larger pharmaceutical companies that can obtain regulatory approvals and market the product. This process accelerates the time from discovery to regulatory approval and mitigates risk to all stake holders. This rapid vetting and through-put of discovery of NORS™ candidates into the hands of sophisticated large Pharma partners has proven to be a win-win scenario

Research Team

Chris Miller, Ph.D., CEO
President & Scientific Advisor

Gilly Regev, Ph.D., CSO
Co-Founder - Chief Scientific Ofiicer